Eclectic Styling in Georgian interior design


Eclectic Styling in Georgian interior design

Eclectic styling in Georgian interior design has become ever more popular as the decades have moved forward. We now have global influences everywhere and mixing these differing styles has a bit of science behind it. There are not many people that favour just one period or part of the world when it comes to interiors, often we take influence from multiple places. To have these elements come together can make a great impact as well as encompass all of your inspirations. Eclectic styling is a great way to add an element of fun, colour or a contemporary touch to your Georgian or classically styled property.

Very few of us have the natural flair to throw a mixture of things into a room and for them to still look as if they belong together, so this post is a little on how to make eclectic styling look more cool than crazy!

Here are a few tips to bare in mind when thinking about mixing together all your prized pieces you have collected over the years to create eclectic styling in Georgian interior design

Finishes: A combination of finishes and textures sets an eclectic look apart from the rest. Match tones and colours in items, rather than style. For example in the picture above, the pink updated period style sofa is scattered with cushions. The style of the sofa would not traditionally be paired with these cushions, but the hues complement each other, therefore creating a look that works.

Fabrics: An eclectic look is partly defined by the multitude of fabrics, whether they be patterned, textured or both. Choose a color scheme and stick with a neutral as your grounding force, and add to it with colored and textured solids and patterns and trims, tassels or fringe. A worn period style brown leather chair would be well matched with a contemporary bold pattern that had bright colours within the pattern, the colours are what tie the two pieces together.

Colors: The palette can vary, but it’s best to stick with a few neutrals to help tie all the elements together. You can play around with tones of the same shade which you can mix up and find in a paint finish or a fabric, a coloured glass and a piece of art.

Furniture: Lines, finishes and materials of the pieces in a room are tied together with paint, fabric or a more refined or aged finish. Do not be afraid to mix all sorts of styles, but make sure the other items in the room tie them in together in one way or another, however subtle.

Eclectic styling in Georgian interior design can be tricky, but if you keep in mind my tips and keep clashing to a minimum unless intentional, then you should have a beautiful space that encompasses all variants of your taste. There is such a plethora of beautiful styles, periods, trends and international styles, why stick to just one?

If you would like an interior designers touch on eclectically styling your period home then feel free to contact me on 01225 639002 at Etons of Bath, where I specialise in Georgian interior design from classic to contemporary styles.

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