Design Boards

What kind of Georgian interior design do you like?


At Etons of Bath, we work with Georgian and Regency houses of all shapes and sizes. Whilst the exteriors are Georgian, the way we design the interiors depends on many factors including symmetry, interior architecture, taste, style and sometimes getting listed planning permissions!


Very broadly, we divide our approaches to Georgian interior design into four broad categories as below. These are pictures of the mood boards the team have just done and they adorn our walls in the Studio in Bath. So, have a look and see which style you like the best for your home. Then do let us know by emailing or call us on 01225 639002 and tell us what you do (and don’t!) like best.


Warm Classic


Warm classic Georgian design

Warm Classic style

Calm Classic


Calm classic interior design

Clam Classic design

Classic Contemporary


Classic contemporary design

Classic Contemporary style

On Trend Contemporary


Modern Georgian design

On Trend Contemporary


These boards are just intended as a starting point to kick off the conversation about how you want to transform your Georgian home. If you’d like to go through our more detailed Stylefinder session to hone down your own styles (and how they may or may not differ from your partner’s), contact us today to chat.






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