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Etons of Bath Rug Collection

Inspired by architectural details and fashion trends popular in the Georgian period our rug collection consists of unique designs that can be tailored to any size, composition and colour combination to suit your 21st century home.

When working on a large residential interiors project we spend time with our clients to understand their style preferences. We have four defined profiles into which our clients’ style preferences will generally fall. Each rug was designed to fit within these four profiles.

Warm Classic

For those who love rich colour, texture and pattern with classical lighting and furniture shapes and style.

The Warm Classic designs were inspired by the Georgians’ love of the pineapple. A status of wealth, the pineapple was much sought after. Only the wealthiest of houses could afford the hot house needed to grow these tropical fruits and as such they became a real statement to have on display (too precious to eat they were simply ornamental) which resulted in the symbol making its way into the Georgian architectural vernacular

Calm Classic

For those who enjoy time-honoured styling overlaid with a light and airy colour palette.

The Calm Classic designs draw on inspiration from designs used on traditional Georgian friezes and ornate panelling, a few of these elements put together have created a design that captures the simplicity and elegance of the Georgian era.

Classic Contemporary

Suiting those who like to mix classical forms with more contemporary elements, particularly colours and contemporary fabrics.

The Classic Contemporary rugs all take their inspiration from The Royal Pavillion in Brighton, designed by John Nash for the Prince Regent, George IV. The fanciful interior design was primarily by Frederick Crace and decorative painter Robert Jones and the rooms were richly decorated and full of pattern and colour. Taking inspiration from individual elements for each rug a pared down design was created to suit contemporary tastes.

On Trend

For those who would like a cutting-edge interior that sits comfortably within a Georgian architectural aesthetic.

The On-Trend Contemporary rug designs were inspired by the Greek Key motif popular in this period. Its fuss-free aesthetic suited the minimalist, ‘clutterless’ look that is often sought after in cutting edge interiors.

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