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The benefits of bespoke curtains and blinds in Georgian homes

Despite the alluring symmetry of Georgian facades, their Georgian windows come in all shapes and sizes. So, finding the right style, shape and poles to perfectly finish a space can be a challenge and nothing much comes as standard. If you’re looking to create stunning curtains in your Georgian home, then a bespoke design, production and installation service offers many benefits and is a true long term investment.

bedroom curtain pelmet

Dramatic curtains in one of our guest bedrooms

Georgian Curtains and blinds

As winter approaches (yes I know, we are in denial too), we begin to think about our homes as cosy and warm spaces to retreat to. Your window dressings play such a key part in the room’s atmosphere, and importantly in these challenging economic times, keeping the heat in and the light and noise out. We know how drafty Georgian properties can be with their high ceilings and listed single glazed windows.

Bespoke curtains and blinds are undeniably an investment, but one that should not be overlooked when updating or renovating a room in your Georgian or period property. Done properly, these Georgian curtains add value and wow factor as well as save on heating bills.

To see examples of how Etons of Bath have designed and made curtains and blinds in our previous projects view our portfolio.

Curtains Georgian Cornice

Making curtains work in high ceiling Georgian rooms (design by Shalini Misra)

How to decide between curtains and blinds for Georgian windows

A carefully considered window treatment can frame a beautiful window or hide a multitude of sins in old Georgian and period properties. But deciding between curtains and blinds is just as important a decision. This often comes down to the required function of space as well as the architecture of the room. Our window dressing specialists will ask: How big is the window reveal? Is there space for curtain stack-back? Will curtains cover too much of the glass and block the light? What are the walls made of, will they be strong enough to hold long heavy curtains?

Bathrooms are a great example where traditionally we would install a blind. There are some amazing fabric houses that produce gorgeous textiles that are moisture resistant and don’t have the plastic-coated look from days gone by.

Georgian bathroom blind

Stunning Traditional Roman blind in Georgian Bathroom. (Susanne Lockwood)

Georgian bedrooms are a great place to consider a curtain with a pelmet, whether a crisp and sleek rectangular design or replete with sways and tails, a pelmet can help to give you a total black out for the perfect night’s sleep. They sit snugly to the wall and form a barrier for the light creeping around the edge of your poles at first light. Adding a pelmet also reduces the need for a fancy pole and finials and provides a different look in the room.

pelmet Georgian bedroom curtain

Using practical and stylish pelmets on these large Georgian bedroom curtains. (Veere Grenney)


However it isn’t always clear cut and sometimes more is more. Layering window treatments can also add depth and interest to a space. Contrasting patterns or plains with simple trims provide another decorative surface within the room that can add interest, fun or drama whilst also being a practical purchase. Not only does installing both curtains and blinds in Georgian rooms give a fulsome look, it also widens the possibilities for usage. Just like drawing the curtains on a warm summers day to keep the sun out does feel slightly counter intuitive.

Blind Curtain bedroom

Layering blinds and curtains in they delicate bedroom scheme. (Mary Mcdonald)


If it is a simple pair of curtains that you are after, then the heading is often a great place to add a level of detail. With a huge reference library for historic pleats to new “wave” style designs the choice of pleat can lead the design aesthetic and link directly to the overall feel you would like to create.

curtain headings pleats

Imaginative headings for stunning Georgian curtains


Pelmet blind shape design

Get creative with the design and style of blinds and pelmets in your Georgian property

Our talented curtain makers have years of experience working through all of these decisions, whether you have a clear vision in mind or need help from full concept design with fabric and trim choices to install.

What makes us different?

Experience. We know what makes a Georgian or period property tick and we’ve seen seen every shape and size of window, architrave and wall make up. We also understand that many of these stunning properties are listed so the fabric of the building is key and there are certain routes which may become untenable. Plus the creativity, breadth of fabrics to choose from and wonderful craftsmanship puts us in a unique place to help you dress your windows with style, practicality and relevance.

Contact us to find out more about how our talented team can help you.

Interested in learning more about the history of Georgian curtains and blinds?

curtain concept design

Etons curtain concept design

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