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Curtains, Shutters and Blinds in Georgian interiors

Handmade curtains in Bath and Bristol


Window dressings and made to measure curtains are a key component of Georgian interior design schemes to control natural light, offer privacy and keep heat in.

Although practical in nature, they can still be made into a focal point of the room. There are so many styles and versions of each available, so there is something to suit any decor. Both blinds and curtains can also be used for separating part of a room or to hide storage areas.

As curtain and blind makers ourselves, Etons of Bath provide curtains made to measure and fitted – so here’s some practical advice (there’s more advice on our blog too). Or do get in touch if you’d like some advice personally.

Hand made curtains in bath

Curtains for stunning dining room by Etons of Bath

Handmade curtains 

There are many ways to dress a window using hand made or made to order curtains as well as create separation in rooms. You have the minimal influence where single colours and simple cuts fit in well, classic styles that use heavy opulent fabrics in intricate patterns, or you can use a combination thinner fabrics to create a layered soft affect, the list is endless. Here are a few different style options and how to work them in with your room so that you can buy curtains made to measure and fitted.

The use of light fabrics for room separation is most commonly found in contemporary and minimalist living, which may be an effect you’re looking to pull off even in a period home. As seen below, voile materials can be hung to create divides and act as a form of privacy when separating an en suite perhaps. When not in use, they still soften the room both in terms of aesthetics and acoustics. Custom made curtains made to measure and fitted like this can really add drama and practicality to a room.


Georgian interior design

Georgian dining room designed by Etons of Bath

Bold prints and designs add a great touch to your room and can be a starting point for a revamp of your room without redecorating. Whatever your budget you can find great styles of hand made and made to measure curtains with different hanging options that will fit in to the vision you have.

In the picture below I have chosen a bold retro pattern, inspiration can be taken from the colours used for decorating a room, a starting point for new accessories or a focal point for the room.


A focal point of classic styling is always the window dressings, not just the bespoke curtains themselves but also with the use of pelmets, drapes, and tie backs. In this example the tone is kept light and fresh yet warm using cream tones and I love the mix of period design with contemporary that has been achieve by the colour scheme. Styling like this can often be found in period homes and homes with classical features.

bespoke curtains made in Bath

For those of you with the room proportions and period style to be able to carry it off there’s also the use of curtains as bed drapes. Dramatic and romantic, these come in so many styles I can’t even begin to cover it here – because you won;t reach the end of my post if I do. Here’s one of the more ornate and traditional examples.

Pleated bed drape curtains made to measure and fitted by Etons of Bath



Intricate tie backs, ornate holdbacks, rails and finials are all different ways of turning a practical part of curtains into a design feature.

Here is a great example of a classic tie back that would also look great when used in a contemporary setting.

This is a stunning version on a commonly used tassel tie back and a perfect example of how affective attention to detail can really add to your space.

This crystal rope effect tie back is simple yet effective. This could be used in conjunction with all sorts of styles of bespoke curtains. Whether it’s in an opulent bedroom or an understated dining area, it’s a lovely twist on a necessary item for hand made curtains.

Custom tie backs from Bath

Another option is a solid tie back, these are screwed to the wall and used to hold the curtain fabric back when the curtains are not being used. You can get them in all sorts of designs using a variety of materials when curtains custom made.

For a full range of poles and tie-backs as well as hand finished curtains of all styles, you can contact Etons of Bath who stock over 60 Fabric ranges and have our own workroom for made to measure curtains. 


Blinds can be used in conjunction with hand made  or bespoke curtains or on their own to create good styling and effective function to manage daylight. Here are some of the different types of blind available and ways in which they can be used.

Made to measure blinds in Bath

This example is a roman blind that could be used alone in pretty much any standard sized window, or pick a colour from the design and use with a lightweight curtain above. A contrasting green would also be well suited to the purple hues.  Roman blinds are great for accenting a colour within your room or adding a drop of colour into a more neutral palette.

Venetian wooden blinds are a great all-rounder, as they can be sourced in many wood finishes or colours. They are simple and can see you through different revamps of the home. There is something very striking about natural light filled room with lots of windows using wooden blinds. They can of course be used open, closed or fully up, so they provide a choice of lighting stages for different times of the day. Kitchens, coast style properties or black wooden painted blinds look great in monochrome minimalist. You can buy these via Etons of Bath for installation anywhere in the UK. 

Teak Venetian Blinds made in Bath


Hand made blinds and curtains in Bath

Pleated blinds are good for windows that are set back, conservatories, skylights and unconventionally shaped windows. As seen here, you can install them to pull up from the bottom rather than the top, which can be a great contemporary way to use blinds. This works particularly well for bathrooms or rooms that face the street where you would rather keep your privacy but still allow light in. You can buy these very easily, they are easy to install and very long lasting. Great for children’s rooms too.


Solid and louvred shutters are a stylish way to add character to a home with a Georgian style, as well as providing a feel of security and privacy. Louvred shutters in particular enable you to adjust the amount of natural light that filters into a room to create whatever mood you are looking for at any particular time of the day or year.  They can be coupled with curtains for extra warmth but also look clean and elegant on their own. There are various styles of louvred shutters. Tier on tier as shown below enables you to open the top set whilst keeping the bottom set shut. Full height will open up all as one and cafe style is just a half height set. A full range of woods and finishes are also available.  You can buy these via Etons of Bath for installation anywhere in the UK.

Tier on Tier Louvred Shutters in Bath

Full height limed white shutters in Bath

Solid Wood Shutters for Georgian House in Bath

For advice on made to measure curtains to use contact me


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