Dressing Rooms in Georgian interiors

Three top tips on dressing room design

If you’re lucky enough to have space in your home for a dressing room, then you have a potential piece of luxury at your fingertips. Etons of Bath have designed dressing rooms for many of our clients set within a Georgian interior design scheme. Here’s three top tips on how we approach them:

Classic contemporary dressing room for her, in Georgian townhouse

Make it personal

Everybody has different storage needs that are peculiar to them. Whether it’s shoes, long dresses and coats, hats or even sock collections, the internal design of the dressing room needs to reflect that. We spend time discussing and auditing clients’ clothing and personal effects to ensure they all have their home, on display or hidden away.

Even shoe sizes are taken into account

Georgian Dressing room design by Etons of Bath with central shoe bench



When it comes to a dressing room’s lighting scheme, it needs plenty of planning and thought. Depending on the size and height of the room, the lighting scheme needs to have both wow factor as well as serve a practical purpose. Integrated lighting into the joinery can add dramatic effects whilst also allowing you to locate particular items easily. A central pendant light can add glamour and, coupled with dimming packs, soft mood lighting in the dressing room when required. If a dressing table is also designed into the room, focus lighting will also required around that too.


Soft elegant dressing room design by Etons of Bath with stunning pendant light


The dressing room table makes the most of natural light from the Georgian sash windows


Elegant pendant lighting in the dressing room by Etons of Bath

Finishes and quality


If you’re aiming for a feeling of luxury coupled with practical storage, then it’s key to get the right finishes right for the joinery in the dressing room. Wood, veneer or painted effect? Whichever route you choose, it’s best to specify the best veneers and woods on the front you can afford and then save money with cheaper materials in the carcass. However, it’s also key to look at quality fittings such as handles and drawer systems to ensure a smooth and quality finish and look.

Details is everything

Contemporary handles with painted finish


If you’d like some help designing your ideal Georgian dressing room, then do call the team at Etons of Bath on 01225 639002 and we’ll be happy to help.

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