In conversation with Turnpost – four poster bed specialists

kingston four poster bed

In conversation with Turnpost – four poster bed specialists

Bedrooms in Georgian properties are sanctuaries and places to unwind, rest and sleep.  The design of the bedstead, therefore, needs to suit the style and size of the bedroom, especially when it comes to Georgian or period properties. So, what does make the best Georgian bed?

As specialist Georgian interior designers in Bath, about two years ago I came across TurnPost, specialists in bespoke four-poster beds. The company was established in 2013 with a desire to create bespoke handcrafted beds made in England.

Helmsley bed

I have been really impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of their beds that I have since sourced for Etons of Bath clients.  I recently caught up with the founder of the company, Vanessa Rhodes.

Can you give us a quick overview?

At TurnPost we specialise in four-poster beds and pride ourselves on quality and individuality. We work closely with our customers and often help them to design the perfect bed for their bedroom.

Where does your inspiration come from for your bed designs?

We take inspiration for everything around us, from traditionally turned furniture to delicate architectural details. We like to add our own modern twist to create beds, which work well in both period and more contemporary properties.

York four poster bed

How do you construct your beds and what elements of the process are handmade versus automated?

All of our beds are handcrafted here in Yorkshire using FSE certified solid ash. None of the process is automated as each bed we create is often bespoke and made to a client’s exact specification. The posts are hand turned on a lathe using traditional tools and methods and are then hand finished to the customer’s requirements.

How much can you adapt your range to create bespoke elements and finishes?

We can make small changes to our standard bed designs such as lowering the posts or interchanging different headboard designs with different post styles to create a truly unique bed. We also work very closely with interior designers to create complete one of pieces, which often incorporate upholstery on the headboard and drapes around the bed itself.

What bed styles suit a Georgian property?

A four-poster bed is a perfect choice for a Georgian property as it adds all the drama and elegance of the era. You can choose to use them without drapes or to add your own style with an endless choice of fabrics and trims.

Kingston four poster bed

Which TurnPost’s designs capture traditional Georgian style and why?

Our Kingston bed has recently been used in one of Sarah’s Georgian interior design projects as its captures the quiet elegance of the Georgian era.

What tips do you have on dressing a bed?

Sometimes dressing a bed can depend on the style of bed itself or how you want your finished bedroom to feel. For a bed like the Kingston, we think it looks beautiful without any dressing as the posts do all the talking! For a simpler bed such as our York design, a cosy, woollen throw and some colourful cushions would bring more dimensions and texture to the room.

What mattresses do you advise people buy for your beds?

We have a fantastic range of mattresses, which we sell alongside our beds that are all handcrafted in England and filled with the finest natural materials. We love traditionally pocket sprung mattresses, but we also sell a range of toppers for the ultimate sleeping experience!


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