In Conversation with Pooky Lighting

Pooky, Moonshine standing lamp, £140, with Peacock 45cm drum shade £74, Bonnie pendant, £70, Inverie pendant, £60 (1)

In Conversation with Pooky Lighting

Etons of Bath have been using lighting supplied by Pooky lighting on Georgian interior design projects for our clients for a couple of years now. They have a great selection of quirky, fun, classic and contemporary designs that are affordable and good quality.

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As Pooky is a relatively new company on the lighting scene, having only launched in 2014, I decided to speak to company’s founder Rohan Blacker to find out more about the brand and how they can help with Georgian interior design.

 Tell us about the brand, who founded it? And when and what was the inspiration?

I founded Pooky in 2014 and I am also one of the two founders of I slid into the world of sofas somewhat by mistake and then became immersed, but my first love was always lighting – an infinite source of variety and the single most important part of creating mood and atmosphere in any home. Good lighting had become very expensive and it just didn’t need to be. By designing and sourcing direct, and stocking in some volume, Pooky set out to create a range of beautiful, decorative, classy lights, which would enhance any home and which, importantly, would not break the bank. Snappy service, approachability, friendliness lie at the heart of everything. Today there is a wide range of lighting, covering most bases, from table lamps and bedside lights to pendants, and wall lights – there is also a large and growing range of seriously stylish lampshades. This autumn a stunning range of chandeliers and mirrors will be added (yes, mirrors are an integral part of lighting!). An unstuffy, unscary, “normal” haven for great value, beautiful lighting.

Which Pooky lamps would you recommend for a Georgian or period interior design?

We have worked hard to source brass that looks really beautiful and buttery in a classically inspired interior such as Georgian. The Trafalgar floor lamp and its table lamp sibling are a simple, elegant design that fits in effortlessly amongst beautiful rich fabrics and period architecture. Team them with one of Pooky’s printed ikats if you want something a little bit funky. And if you fancy something stunning hanging from the ceiling then the Aquila glass pendant has a lovely retro feel to it and you can choose it in one of three sizes. Timeless.

Trafalgar floor lamp

If trying to create a classically inspired look, which of Pooky’s designs would you recommend?

We do a range of really smart, brass plinth column lights, like the Wexford and the Wellington which are standout classics and, as we keep being told, amazingly good value. Solid, well made, elegant as you like. Paired with a parchment shade or a plain dupion shade, they look really smart, very grown-up and part of the establishment.

The Wexford lamp

When creating a more contemporary interior within a Georgian property which of Pooky’s ranges would you recommend?

The resin range brings classic designs with a jolt of colour that make them stand apart. The tall Bobboli is made with a console table in mind and preferably, hangs around in pairs. And the resin floor lamps, with their use of colour and elegant design, also bring a very contemporary feel with them.

The Bobboli

What is the argument for pendant lighting versus lamps?

Well as they say, an apple without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze. As it is with pendants and lamps. Pendants help to tie zones within a room together, and allow diffused lighting or more task-oriented down-lighting, according to need. And lamps, with a beautiful shade, can be used to create gentle, warmed up and enticing spaces. Together, you have layered lighting that doesn’t shout and that creates spaces that allow for work, play and relaxation all within the same zone.

We often struggle to find classic floor lamps. You have a small range would you consider increasing the range?

Absolutely! Floor lamps are a growing part of our range and because they are a little more expensive than table lamps, our customers do take a lot of time to research them before buying and are very discerning. We know that there is a big market for modern floor lamps, but our biggest seller is a very traditional wooden lamp, the Moonshine. Value is important for us, and big brass lamps do use a lot of brass, which makes them expensive. But by combining brass and wood and other metals, we can achieve good value with some really strong design classics: The Albert for example.

The Moonshine

What’s next for lighting trends for 2017/ 2018 and do you think that they will they suit Georgian and period properties?

The trends in lighting really do depend on whether you’re looking at modern, minimalist designs, where the Scandinavians continue to dominate with their clean, stripped down designs. Or at more traditional designers like Pooky, where we think the demand for beautiful brass work, often teamed up with other materials, will continue to be popular. Great antique finishes to the brass still endure over simple polishing and this plays really well for those sourcing lighting for Georgian and period interiors. In addition, we see no let-up in the appeal of clear glass table lamps, pendants and wall lights, and when combined with the old antique brass bayonet lamp holders, we’d say things look pretty good for those who love to mix in lights that look like they may have come from two centuries back but with fabrics and colours that speak of today.

What are Pooky’s top lighting tips?

Think about what a room is for – a kitchen, for example, is a functional space so needs to be well-lit – directed spotlights, and over counter pendant lighting are the way forward.  But move to the sitting room and immediately the mood changes – lower lighting, table lamps with diffused shades, rather than overhead beams.  Be brave…. have a mix of old and new, that creates a sense of adventure and interest – don’t be scared to play with colour and to mix them in an adventurous style – people get too obsessed with following a colour scheme through a design, and things can end up somewhat one dimensional and “designed”.  You want to create a natural look that appears as though it has evolved over years.  And remember that paint colour can have a massive impact on the amount of light you need to add to a room – darker, stronger colours can eat light, so you may need many more light sources and lamps – this is where wall lights really add to the mix.  Have fun though, and don’t shy away from colour.


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