Decorex Trends and Inspiration 2015

Decorex Trends and Inspiration 2015

As ever this years’ Decorex provided much needed inspiration. Here is my pick of the top 10 interiors products and styles for those of you looking for Georgian or regency interior design tips.

  1. Scenic Furniture

Colourful and bold but depicting classic scenes; this is a wonderful way to add impact and create a unique Georgian interior. Use painted furniture or fabulous fabrics such as those by Boeme Design in which the sofa below is upholstered. The perfect way to revive one of your old favourites.

Georgian sideboard

Venice sideboard by Kensa Designs

Georgian wardrobe

Stallions Wardrobe by Kensa Designs


Stag armoire by Kensa Designs

Georgian Sofa

Gardenia Fabric by Boeme used for upholstery on sofa


Garnenia Fabric by Boeme

  1. Painted canvas ceilings

If you live in a listed building and are stuck with a ceiling you are not enamoured with here’s an ideal alternative. Decorex saw the UK launch of Volta, marking the rediscovery of an almost lost form of interior decoration; painted canvas ceilings.

Painted by classically trained artists using artistan paints the linen canvas is fitted in a single day using adhesive which enables the canvas’ removal without any risk of tearing.

Georgian ceiling

Canvas ceiling by Volta

Georgian Volta ceiling 2

Hand painted canvas ceiling by Volta

Volta - painted canvas being installed

The installation process

  1. Wall panels

Advances in printing technology are revolutionising the industry. Scenic panels and bespoke wallpapers can now be scaled to fit the dimensions of any room opening up so many more possibilities.

Georgian wallcovering

Scalable wall covering by Sidney & Paul

If conservation officers won’t allow you to fit wooden panelling then here is a novel way around it. The recessed library books are also customisable in colour and size and are the perfect compliment to the panelling.

Georgian panelling

Scalable panelling and bookshelf wall covering by Shufflebotham

  1. Decorative glass

Take a look at this stunning Menagerie screen by Tatiana Tafur. A traditional Verre Eglomise technique has been deployed to create a truly unique piece of furniture which is nothing less than a work of art.

Georgian Screen

Close up detail of the Verre Eglomise by Tatiana Tafur

Decorative Menagerie Screen

Verre Eglomise applied to furniture by Tatiana Tafur

Georgian technique

Close up of Eglomise detail by Tatiana Tafur

  1. Box lighting

Best & Lloyd lighting have launched this comprehensive range of box lighting, which works really well in a Georgian style home. The great thing about the range is that it’s all IP44 rated so the fittings can be used for exterior lighting and also in bathrooms.

Georgian lighting

Beautiful box lights from Best & Lloyd

Georgian lighting

Box lighting works well in a classic property

No weatherproof IP44 rated so good for bathrooms and exterior lighting

Now weatherproof IP44 rated so good for bathrooms and exterior lighting

Georgian lighting

Oh and I rather liked these desk lights too

  1. Artisan Rugs

There was an abundance of rug suppliers at this years show. Made around the world from Afghanistan to India, Nepal and Iran the traditional artisan techniques are being kept alive by the industry and the range and quality of what is on offer is phenomenal.

At the top of the range, and for good reason is the ERASED CLASSICS collection by designer Jan Kath for Front Rugs. Ethically produced, he owns the factories they are woven in, providing schooling and healthcare for his workers. Using classical Italian wall drape patterns and traditional Oriental ornamental rug designs as a base design he creates a distressed patina through the layering of different materials that are then burnt off to reveal the pattern beneath. These rugs are not only exquisitely made but they’re also a work of art.

Georgian flooring

Front Rugs have a stunning range that work beautifully in period properties

Georgian flooring

Erased classic design by Jan Kath for Front Rugs

  1. Backlit marble

A really simple technique that can be used to highlight the natural beauty of the marbles’ formation. This can be used to backlight a wall of marble or to illuminate marble furniture. It would make a fabulous statement vanity unit.

Create a wall or use for a piece of furniture to show off the natural beauty of this material

Create a wall or use for a piece of furniture to show off the natural beauty of this material

  1. Colourful bathrooms

Far from the naff novelty pieces found in cheap Chinese manufactured products the use of high quality metals and woods mean we can create highly original bathrooms that delight and surprise. Copper, in particular, is enjoying a rise in popularity in period properties. Use it in bathrooms, kitchens, lighting, ornaments and electrical finishes.

Georgian bathroom

Brighten up your bathroom. Loo seats by Bard & Blackwood

Georgian bathroom

So many amazing metal finishes are now on offer

  1. Metallic Chinoiserie

Possibly a little over the top for many properties and yet the subtlety of these designs give them an elegance that, if used in the right situation, could be simply spectacular.

Georgian chinoiserier

De Gournay’s exquisite gold chinoiserie

Verre Eglomise metallic chinoiserie by Tatiana Tafur

Verre Eglomise metallic chinoiserie by Tatiana Tafur

Georgian chinoiserie

Stunning metallic chinoiserie from Paul Montgomery

  1. Charging stations

A simple evolution in technology can make all the difference. Here, Wandsworth Group have developed a twin switch socket that has two USB ports so you can charge your phones without needing a cumbersome plug fitting. They cost the same as a standard twin socket too and come in all the styles and finishes in the Wandsworth range. Just because you live in a Georgian property does not mean you can’t have the latest mod cons!

Lighting and electrics

Neat addition to a twin switch socket by Wandsworth Group

A double USB port for charging your phones and tablets comes in all of Wandsworth Group's ranges.

A double USB port for charging your phones and tablets comes in all of Wandsworth Electrical’s ranges.

Happy renovating!

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