Decorex Trends and Inspiration


Decorex Trends and Inspiration

I ought to get out more than I do. At least in terms of the many trade shows for interior designers. But running a busy design studio focused on Georgian interiors for homes and hotels, I generally find my focus is on our active client projects and searching and sourcing is driven by the specific needs of those projects. However, one show I never miss is Decorex. It’s always great to seek out new suppliers, catch up with known ones and look for inspiration for my clients and me.

Here are a few of the trends evident at the show and which I think could work well in a Georgian interior design scheme.

  1. Finishes

Whilst brass and antique brass is still a popular finish for Georgian interior style, there can be issues with these finishes. Finger prints on polished brass switches for instance and a big variance between different suppliers antique brass finish.

So it was refreshing to see that across the board, be it furniture, lighting, bathrooms or switches there are some exciting new finishes about that would suit a period property.

For me the best are bronze, antique bronze, copper, black gold and rose gold. They can add a unique look to a room and possess an understated air of class and quality that the brass finishes can lack.



Range of metal finishes from Tom Faulkner


Range of finishes for brassware by Chadder & Co.


Fabulous display of finishes available on Vitra basins.


Delightful mosaic finish on a bathtub by Chadder & Co


A non-lacquered brass finish seen above by Volevatch of Paris and below by Samuel Heath Designed to age to a dull finish.



Wandsworth Group offer a range of standard and special finishes on high quality British made switches and sockets


Rose gold special finish form Wandsworth Group


Black gold special finish form Wandsworth Group

Of course the challenge with being adventurous when it comes to finishes is that once you decide to go for a particular finish, to match it to all metal elements in a room or house can be very tricky unless everything comes from one supplier – which it rarely ever can do.

  1. Freestanding furniture

Increasingly bathrooms and kitchens are made up of freestanding furniture items. This gives a more authentic feel to a Regency or Georgian home and provides the opportunity to add interest and a sense of evolution over time.


Freestanding display of curiosities by Volevatch


Charlie Kingham offer truly bespoke kitchen design and were showing examples of freestanding serving tables such as this one.

  1. Chinoiserie

Hardly a new trend, but in black and gold it has a fresh new impact. Not for everyone of course but if you’re looking for the wow factor then de Gournay are a great bet.


Another favourite supplier of hand painted and embroidered silk Chinoise wallpaper, Fromental showed off their range on lampshades. An idea that would work well in a bedroom and need not cost the earth.



  1. Find of the show

I was unbelievably excited to see the Erased Classics collection of Rugs from Front London. Oriental rug designs feature an overlay of silk that wears thin creating a classic contemporary rug that has an aged patina despite being able to be custom made and brand new. Designed by Jan Kath, one of the most awarded rug designers in the world, they are pieces of art in their own right, as well as a mark of discerning taste.



  1. Inspiration from History

The Sir John Soane Museum were exhibiting for the first time to promote a new initiative “Inspired by Soane: Brand Licensing” which has resulted in partnerships for the Museum and the creation of brand new products including mirrors, wallpaper, fireplaces, furniture, model stands, prints and garden ornaments, all inspired by the Regency architects famous collection. See the list of license partners on The Sir John Soane Museumwebsite;


Statues, prints and fireplaces inspired by Sir John Soane’s work.


Stunning Regency mirror that can be made to measure.

Another find was this simple and elegant table lamp by Rebecca Scott. Featuring a classic urn shape in a bronze finish I thought how well it would work in so many of the interiors I design for.



  1. Splendid Stone

Never underestimate the beauty that can be created with the right raw materials, formed into a thing of function and beauty. Stone is not inexpensive but the examples below demonstrate just how much impact it can have.


Lapicida showed just how its done with this knock out coffee table


If you live by the sea these Mussels would make a wonderful sculptural display.


Stone logs – they’ll never rot and can be made with whatever characteristics you require..


Tom Faulkner’s new marble table top is a thing of great beauty.

Don’t be fooled, these contemporary side tables are actually topped with wallpaper encapsulated in resin. Clever and effective in the right scheme although I’m not so sure they will feature in many Georgian interiors.



Resin topped side-tables from HydeHouse.

  1. Finishing Touches

Very often clients head off to The White Company to buy their bed linen and don’t think to discuss options with us. There are a bed linen companies that offer, bespoke piping or border detailing to tie in with the room scheme and we found various suppliers who can offer an array of colours for throws.

When you’ve spent all that time and effort on the detail elsewhere it’s definitely worth getting your interior designers assistance with towels, throws and bed-linen too.



Piping and border details can use be in a colour that ties in exactly with your room scheme.


I do hope you agree that there are some exciting developments around. There’s so much more in the world of interiors too. I realise that the choice and options can be bewildering but then that’s why there are people like us at Etons of Bath, to guide you through and help you get the best out of any Georgian interior design scheme or refurbishment.

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