Wallpaper for Georgian interiors


Pierre Frey wallpaper for Georgian interior design


Etons of Bath’s Creative Director, Sarah Latham talks to Pierre Frey Junior to find out about the French brand that has been running since 1935 and how their stunning fabrics and wall coverings will work within an interior design scheme for Georgian homes or hotels. Etons of Bath use Pierre Frey for Georgian interiors on many of our projects so we wanted to find out more background…


Pierre Frey Junior

Tell us about the brand, who founded it and what is the brands philosophy?

PIERRE FREY Paris, a family-owned company, designs, creates and manufactures fabrics, wall coverings, carpets and furniture. It has 10,000 design references across its main five brands, Pierre Frey, Braquenie, Fadini Borghi, Le Manach and Boussac.

The company is known for its creative, eclectic and elegant collections used by leading interior designers, architects, curtain makers, upholsterers, museum and other cultural institutions.

Since 1961, a large proportion of Pierre Frey’s collections have been made at the company’s own fabric production mill in France, an independent manufacturing unit that guarantees exclusivity.

Which Pierre Frey collections would you recommend for a Georgian property? 

For a Georgian interior design scheme, I would recommend both Braquenie and Le Manach because their styles epitomise this period. La Maison Pierre Frey has a large archive department which lends itself to being a unique source of inspiration for the intricately patterned designs authentic to both brands. For example, the inspiration of the 18th gentleman’s waistcoat illustrates the interpretation and the creation of the ‘Eglantine’ design.


If trying to create a classically inspired look, which of Pierre Frey’s designs would you recommend?

La Maison Pierre Frey by nature, houses an eclectic mix of both classical and traditional designs. To create a specifically classical look, I would recommend the following fabrics; Crespiere, Candide, Banapart, Carlotta, Virginia, Roma…

When creating a more contemporary interior within a Georgian property which of Pierre Frey’s ranges would you recommend?

Monsieur Frey regularly enjoys collaborating with contemporary artists to create capsule collections which exemplify a certain spirit/theme. This year we have two new contemporary collections, which would complement a traditional setting.

What are Pierre Frey’s top tips when choosing wall coverings and fabrics?

The texture and thickness of the paper are important, as this can really change the visual perception of a room, particularly the atmosphere. The aspect of the design can dramatically alter the sense of scale within a room, for example a small-repeat or large-repeat pattern will both provide different results.  A bold, large wallpaper for example can often help lift and open up a small bathroom or hallway. 

In terms of fabrics, it is about finding a balance if you are mixing patterns, textures and styles. A busy, colourful pattern used on a sofa can be offset slightly by using a soft but punchy plain velvet on a cushion which echoes one of the main colours in the sofa print.


Pierre frey wallpaper for Georgian interior design

What’s next for Pierre Frey collections and do you think that they will they suit Georgian and period properties?

Next year, we will launch a new Braquenie collection which will be in keeping with the brand’s traditional grounding but with a modern twist. Monsieur Frey created this collection because he wanted to ensure the brands continuity for the next generation. This collection encapsulates vibrant colours and more distinct patterns, breaking away from its markedly traditional style, as Mr Frey puts it, “to keep in the race, one must be willing to adapt”.

What do you most admire about Georgian properties and their interiors?

I admire the contrast between the simplicity of the façade and the richness of the décor, the devil is in the detail. Certainly the proportions of the rooms allow one to express properly their creative endeavour.

If you could live in any property what style and age would it be?

I have always admired the Palladian style, the beauty of its simplicity, the geometry in the facade and I think this is where you create a balance, a balance between a simple traditional facade and a contemporary busy interior. La Maison Pierre Frey is anything but ‘shy’, we like to challenge the norm and push the boundaries of what is considered ‘vogue’. In this Neoclassical theme I would incorporate a blend between the traditionally French prints of Le Manach, mixed with some of our new India Mahdavi plain velvets, and the fabrics of the re-invented style of our brand Fadini Borghi.

Want to see de Pierre Frey for yourself?

Then do pop into the Etons of Bath showroom at 108 Walcot Street in Bath where you will find a wide variety of Pierre Frey’s fabric and wallcovering collection books available for your viewing. You can also order samples from us.

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