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Our clients buy and live in Georgian houses largely because they love the symmetry, room proportions and period features. When our design and build teams are charged with a Georgian house renovation, we shine an expert light on the period features and what kind of love and restoration they need.

So, within the context of Georgian house renovation, we look at some examples of the most desirable period features in a Georgian home and how do we reinstate, restore, enhance, and look after them…

Georgian pillars and columns


If you’re lucky enough to have pillars in your Georgian home, they often need a new lease of life. A plain painted pillar can be greatly enhanced with clever marbling techniques . The specialist renovation team at Etons of Bath worked with specialist crafts to enhance these pillars to ensure they featured prominently and proudly in the entrance hall.

Georgian pillars

In a Georgian renovation project, where you have the opportunity to create new pillars as part of a design such as this pool and Orangerie by Etons of Bath, you can use specialist paint and textural affects to replicate the look and feel of stone.

Georgian pillars

Swimming pool and Orangery designed by Etons of Bath

Sash windows – letting your Georgian house breathe

Whilst our inclination in the 21st Century is to double and triple glaze, Georgian properties were designed to breathe. By this we mean that air needs to circulate for the fabric of the building to be maintained against damp, or these days, against over-zealous heating. Whilst this appears detrimental to your heating bill there are lots of things that can be done to improve the function of your windows, to eradicate draughts, rattles and rot without installing unsightly secondary glazing.

Subject to listed consent you can replace rotten sections or entire windows with replica windows whilst you can repair and maintain existing windows with new draught proofing, replaced sash cords and beautiful new hardware.

Georgian sash windows

Georgian arched windows with beautifully restored sash and shutters by Etons of Bath

Original window shutters are also worth restoring. Sometimes they have been fixed into place, others they have been painted so many times that the moving parts do not function well. A key tip is to carefully strip and re-fix the old hinges as replacing with new will invariably result in the shutters not folding back neatly into the centuries old casements as they did before.

Finally, you cannot overlook a stunning window dressing to set off a sash window. There are times when the windows speak entirely for themselves and there are times when they deserve some drum roll.

Georgian curtain design

Georgian curtains to make a statement – the brief was to ‘add drama to our guest bedroom’


As fireplaces are so central to many Georgian interior designs, when you undertake a Georgian home restoration it’s important look at fireplace renovation from the outset. Whether your property or room has a Georgian fire surround in marble or wood you may wish to restore parts of it that have become cracked, chipped or broken over the years. Likewise for the hearth.

If your house is listed then maintenance of fireplaces is allowed but replacement will require listed consent. However, there are talented stone masons and carpenters who can achieve incredible results. Couple this with the installation of a new flue liner and a new or restored register grate and you can enjoy the full glory of a fireside glow.

Where you wish to re-instate a fire surround which has weathered over the years, we advise getting an architect or heritage interior designer to design a surround specified in an appropriate material and, whilst needing listed consent, it will generally be well received by conservation officers.

Georgian fireplace

Replica fire surround fitted by Etons of Bath

Georgian Ceiling Roses

Ceiling roses can easily be restored as part of a Georgian restoration project and missing parts can be replaced by skilled plaster craftsman. Where a ceiling rose is not original and you wish to replace with something authentic then do get in touch  as we can advise on replicas from the archives that enable you to match up to the period and type of room in your own property.

Georgian ceiling rose

Georgian ceiling rose and light designed by Etons of Bath

Georgian Cornices

Cornices can easily be restored as part of a Georgian restoration project with missing parts replaced by skilled plaster craftsman. Where a cornice is modern and you wish to replace with something authentic then we can advise on replicas from the archives that enable you to match up to the period and type of room in your own property.

Georgian cornicing

Cornicing restored and enhanced with lighting incorporated into the coving by Etons of Bath as part of a full house renovation


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