How to create a stunning hallway in a Georgian home

How to create a stunning hallway in a Georgian home


In a recent project on a total restoration of a Georgian counytryside home, our clients wanted to create a stunning entrance and inner hallway that you pass through both from the boot room to the kitchen and then the kitchen to the swimming pool area.

As a thoroughfare, they had no desire to fill it with Georgian furniture or let it be cluttered. So, the question was, how to create a stunning entrance that feels like a room of its own rather than a bland and empty space or passageway?

So, Etons of Bath’s interior architects devised how to build out the back wall to create an alcove and then incorporate recessed spots that would create a wash of light on the back wall.

We then selected a scenic wallcovering from de Gournay that the owners and their guests could admire and enjoy for many years to come. Ensuring that the scheme fitted into a Georgian interior design scheme, we incorporated complementary tones of greens, oranges and lilac to create a bright and uplifting area within the space. The vista through to the mountains draws your eye into the distance creating a feeling of space and openness. The scene allowed the fresh air in and created a stunning backdrop to the space

We then selected a stylish bench designed to make the passer by feel that they could pause for contemplation and enjoy the space. The orange velvet and brass stud detailing contrasting with the black painted framework has the power and impact to stand out against such a strong scene behind.

A bench by the mural creates a place to sit and contemplate

The pale limestone floor which runs throughout the ground floor was specified by Etons of Bath as it balances perfectly with the woodwork paint colours to frame the scene.  Furthermore, the small circular centre table creates natural pathways to walk around to exit to the various areas of the house that this inner hall connects.

In terms of Georgian lighting, we specified a classic globe lantern to sit above the table casting an intriguing and pleasing pattern on the ceiling above and a sense of grandeur.


Stunning table lamps add to the sense of grandeur and intrigue


Etons work to renovate Georgian properties that suit the current needs and moods of their owners and guests alike. This often includes the brief to create different areas within the same property to stimulate, relax and inspire in each measure.


Which area of your Georgian house do you want to redesign to create a more stunning space? Contact us on 01225 639002 for a chat on how we can help with ideas, specialist products and installation.


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