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At Etons of Bath we work on kitchens in one of two ways;


  1. We work with your chosen kitchen brand to ensure that their cabinetry and appliances co-ordinate with the overall design. We work closely with them on the layout and then design the colour scheme, lighting, flooring and furniture. The result; a well thought through design that is fitting for your home and your own personal style; with your dream kitchen at the centre.
  2. We undertake the full design of all elements including the cabinetry and worksurfaces. We have a roster of joinery companies that work for us and we tender for the designs amongst them to ensure best value. By enabling one party, Etons of Bath, to take full control of the design; the result is a meticulously detailed, fully functioning, high quality kitchen that meets your exact requirements and style preferences. All elements can be designed and made bespoke to the space and functional requirements that you have. No cookie cutters, no modular systems and no paying for a well-known brands advertising and expensive showroom spaces.
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Kitchen Design
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