Art in Georgian interiors

In our interior design schemes for Georgian houses, we believe no interior design is truly complete without art. Art in Georgian interiors is also an expression of the clients’ personality, taste and style. Often clients have art from their previous houses which we can incorporate into the schemes – often with the painting or sculpture forming the central feature of a Georgian room design.

Top tips on art for Georgian interiors


Create a backdrop of colour –  that provides the perfect contrast to your piece of art and, at the same time, ties the whole colour scheme together. Furthermore, bring elements of the artworks’ colour palettes through into your Georgian interior design scheme.

Georgian art

Blending art and colour

Splash painting

‘Splash’ painting in Georgian withdrawing room

Make an entrance – art in a hallway announces who you are and what you enjoy whilst also setting the tone for the whole house. Our client in this property loved colour – the art and stair runner deliver that perfectly

Georgian hallway

Bright hallway combining art and colour

Size is everything –  art does not always need to be large to make an impact. The most important thing is proportion. Assess the space in which the item is to be hung, allow enough breathing space for it to shine rather than cramming it in. Also draw up how it will relate to the items around it. Our placement of this portrait is balanced with the console table below.

Georgian hallway

Perspective and symmetry in Georgian hallway

Sculpture on a mantel piece can be set off so beautifully when a mirror sits behind it, allowing you a 360 degree view of its 3D form

Lorenzo Quinn

Sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn on Georgian mantelpiece




















Go bespoke if you can’t find what you want – bespoke commissions of artwork can enable you to create the perfect artwork in both size and colour for an alcove, for example. These pieces were the finishing touches needed to bring the whole colour scheme alive in this Georgian interior design scheme

Georgian drawing room interior

Bespoke art adds drama to contemporary classic interiors scheme


The sum of the parts can be greater than the whole – use a set of pictures to create a larger display that has greater impact. Here a collection of monochromatic images works with the colour of the walls and upholstery of the sofa. We lifted the look with accents and pops of orange

Georgian art

Series of pictures and deft pop of orange


Think laterally – art comes in many forms. A hand-painted mural or scenic wallpaper applied to walls can make more of a statement than a single piece of art. Here we used DeGournay’s Early Views of India to create an immersive experience in this very special bathroom

DeGournay bathroom

Dramatic bespoke wallpaper in Georgian bathroom

Create perspective – use art to draw the eye. Here, our art placement draws the eye through the full length of the interconnecting rooms, enhancing the connection between the two spaces

Frame it well – the purpose of a frame should be to focus the attention on the artwork, as well as protect it from environmental factors that could affect its appearance over time, but it is essential to give due care and attention to how the frame works with the art in the Georgian interior scheme too.

Georgia art

If you need new art for your home, we both source ourselves as well as work with art buyers who take into consideration a client’s budget, style and artistic preferences and marry that with our design schemes to ensure that everything works in harmony. If you need help with Georgian interior design, art, architecture or renovations, please contact us today in Bath on 01225 639002 and we’d be happy to help.

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